Bringing Canadians together


Basketball is the second fastest growing sport in the world. Its unique blend of athleticism, pop-culture and accessibility has seen the sport explode globally.

Canada is no exception. If you look in our driveways, our schools, our gyms and our sports-feeds, it’s easy to see that Canadians love the game too. 

To further grow the game we love there needs to be more opportunity–both for players to showcase their skills in communities across the country, and for fans of all ages to celebrate their passion for basketball. After all, basketball was invented by a Canadian. 

So, we're creating the Canadian Elite Basketball League, a movement that brings Canadians together through a new basketball experience. The CEBL provides home grown athletes an exclusive opportunity to represent their communities and further their careers as professional basketball players. It provides fans with edge-of-your-seat excitement through a high caliber basketball experience in a family-friendly entertainment environment. 


Our Vision

The new option

CEBL will be a new entertainment option for Canadians to experience during the months they want to get out and experience them the most.

Family Friendly Environments

Warm Canadian summers allows us to create family friendly environments that bring the community together around a game they love.

Helping Home Grown Athletes

To ensure the growth of the Canadian Basketball program, a minimum number of roster spots shall be filled by Canadian athletes. 


Integrating Communities

Integrating communities and their teams in new and exciting ways, both on and off the court, creating unity, pride, and economic benefits for host cities. 

More than a game

Combines music, fan interaction and local talents during game play to create an exciting environment for both fans and players. 

Fast Paced and Entertaining

Modelled after successful international pro basketball leagues that leverage FIBA rules which provide a fast paced and entertaining game. 



Coming May 2019

Tip-off for the inaugural season will take place in May 2019 with six teams from across the country.